ASML looking to squeeze even more systems from supply chain

Paul van Gerven
Leestijd: 3 minuten

Scrambling to meet exploding demand, ASML is looking for ways to push down the accelerator pedal even further. The system integrator is discussing with its supply chain how many more tools can be delivered in 2025.

ASML, together with its supply chain, is exploring opportunities to ramp up production even further. In response to much higher than previously estimated long-term demand, the equipment manufacturer announced last year that it plans to deliver 1.5 times more DUV systems and two times more 0.33 NA EUV systems by 2025 than originally planned. That would amount to 375 DUV and roughly 70 EUV machines. The new ambition is to raise those numbers to 600 and 90 units, respectively, CFO Roger Dassen said during a video interview discussing the second-quarter results. This year, ASML expects to ship 55 EUV scanners.

In addition to increasing unit shipments, ASML is addressing the wafer capacity shortage by reducing cycle times and increasing scanner productivity, though no new announcements have been made recently for those ambitions. In fact, the specifications of the EUV systems to be introduced in 2023 (the Twinscan NXE:3800E) and 2025 (NXE:4000F) haven’t been released at all.

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