Ask the headhunter

Anton van Rossum
Leestijd: 3 minuten

T.K. asks:

Until recently, I served as the sales manager for Japan at an American MEMS company, focusing on semiconductors for in-vehicle, industrial and consumer products. This summer – in the midst of the corona pandemic – I was fired. As my sales record was very good, I’m quite surprised about my dismissal.

Working at US and European semiconductor and electronic device manufacturers, I’ve been involved in sales, marketing and management for the Japanese market for about 30 years. For foreign companies to get a foothold in Japan, local representation is indispensable. In addition to a background in direct sales, I have extensive experience in setting up business through cooperation with distributors. I’ve been doing that from a home office for several years now. I’m a real self-starter, able to achieve business objectives extremely efficiently.

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