Ask the headhunter

Anton van Rossum
Leestijd: 3 minuten

J.J. asks:

I’m the R&D director at an American high-tech company. From Mountain View, I also manage the development group based in the Netherlands that was recently acquired by us. It took some time to sort out all the legal affairs, but in the end, the group has been housed in a separate legal entity and everything is on track. Which is a good thing, as we have big plans for expansion in the Netherlands.

In Silicon Valley, the costs of an R&D team have risen to absurd heights and employee loyalty is hard to find. The Netherlands is a much more suitable place to expand our R&D because the costs are lower here, the quality of the engineers is excellent and the labor market is much more stable. For certain specialisms, we may have to look abroad, but hiring staff within the EU is no problem. We’ve established ourselves in the Netherlands to find candidates in the European market, not from Asia or elsewhere outside Europe.

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