Ask the headhunter

Anton van Rossum
Leestijd: 3 minuten

M.R. asks:

Recently, I was approached by a representative of a Chinese semiconductor company who had selected me to set up a new office in Europe. He talked about an advanced R&D center for a multi-billion-dollar market and I was going to be the company’s European representative and establish contacts with potential customers. In the first conversation, he asked me about my salary expectation, whereupon he immediately indicated that this was no problem. It was a very interesting meeting, but at the same time, many questions remained unanswered.

Somewhat to my surprise, he’s now trying to pressure me into committing to the position at the stated salary. In his view, I should quit my current job immediately because he’s in a hurry with the plan. However, I don’t even know who I’m going to report to, what my powers will be or what budget I’ll have at my disposal – or even if I have a budget at all.

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