Altum RF links up to Taiwanese partners in satcom

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Eindhoven-based startup Altum RF has announced a collaboration with Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), the largest applied technology research institution in Taiwan, and TMY Technology (TMYTEK), a leading mm-wave solution provider targeting 5G+ and satellite communication. Supported by a grant from the Eureka Globalstars Taiwan framework, the trio is collaborating on antenna and semiconductor integrated modules (AIMS) for satcom systems. The project began this August and is slated to continue for two years.

Altum RF is a supplier of high-performance RF to mm-wave semiconductor solutions. The company develops a broad range of products for commercial and industrial applications, including aerospace and defense, ISM, satcom and telecom, using proven technologies like GaAs and GaN. Next to its HQ on the Eindhoven University of Technology campus, it has overseas offices in Sydney, Australia, and Richardson, Texas.

Credit: Altum RF

The purpose of the AIMS project is to develop a mm-wave antenna-in-package (AiP) module for phased-array Ka-band satcom systems. This module will make these systems more energy efficient, cost effective and better suited for a technology that enables high-volume and low-cost manufacturing. “Our MMIC design team’s gallium nitride experience will be key to making this technical advancement a reality,” comments Altum RF CEO Greg Baker.

“AiP has become a solution to accelerate the market growth for the satcom industry,” says Shih-Chieh Chang, General Director of Electronic and Optoelectronic System Research Laboratories at ITRI. “With our capacity for fan-out wafer-level packaging and high-precision chip and device bonding technology, we’re collaborating with Altum RF and TMYTEK to integrate a GaN semiconductor power amplifier, a silicon-based beamformer IC and an antenna into a phased-array module.”

Su-Wei Chang, founder and president of TMYTEK, adds, “We’re going to redefine the electronically steered array solution. By integrating the GaN PA and packaging with wafer-level package technology, we aim to minimize the array’s size, weight and power. Together with our partners, we’re accelerating the development of the satellite industry by offering a total ground terminal solution.”