Jan Bosch is a research center director, professor, consultant and angel investor in start-ups. You can contact him at jan@janbosch.com.


AI engineering: making AI real

Leestijd: 2 minuten

Few technologies create a level of hype, excitement and fear these days as artificial intelligence (AI). The uninitiated believe that general AI is around the corner and worry that Skynet will take over soon. Even among those that understand the technology, there’s amazement and excitement about the things we’re able to do now and lots of prediction about what might happen next.

The reality is, of course, much less pretty as the beliefs we all walk around with. Not because the technology doesn’t work, as it does in several or even many cases, but because rolling out a machine learning (ML) or deep learning (DL) model in production-quality, industry-strength deployments remains a significant engineering challenge. Companies such as Peltarion help address some of these and do a great job at it.

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