A family of engineers

Nieke Roos
Leestijd: 5 minuten

An electromechanical designer turned operations manager, Roel Vossen is the prototypical Neways employee. “Looking to combine a diverse working environment at the cutting edge of technology with a familial atmosphere.”

“When I applied at Neways, almost thirteen years ago, I had an interview with Hans Ketelaars, who at the time had just started as our managing director. The first few minutes, I addressed him as ‘sir,’ but that quickly became ‘Hans’ and it stayed that way – to this day. Our management team and even the board are very approachable, for everyone in the organization. This open culture, the direct lines of communication, the no-nonsense attitude – that’s what characterizes Neways to me,” tells Roel Vossen, operations manager at the Son-based system developer.

Vossen’s career at Neways is also characteristic of the opportunities the company has to offer. “I started as an electromechanical lead designer. Over time, my responsibilities grew and I got the chance to become a system architect. When I decided that I had seen enough of that role, I was given the opportunity to switch to project management. And right when I felt I had mastered that and was thinking about developing my operational skills, the previous operations manager chose to take a step back and I had the good fortune of my current position presenting itself.”

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