26 million euros gives perspective to new innovative research

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In the Perspectief round-2019, five new research programs have jointly been awarded 18 million euros by the Dutch Research Council (NWO). The programs focus on smarter maintenance of high-tech systems, improving animal welfare in intensive livestock farming, accurate medical imaging, protecting freshwater supplies and innovative forms of food supply. 57 companies and organizations involved will invest another 8 million euros. In total, 75 scientists will be able to work on their projects for the next six years.

Credit: NWO

The programs awarded include “Integration of data-driven and model-based engineering in future industrial technology with value chain optimization” (Digital Twin), which aims to develop methods to make accurate digital twins that model complex, difficult-to-design systems and that continually improve and adapt themselves. “Animal group sensor” (Imagen) focuses on building a system that detects the behavior of pigs and chickens in large groups to improve their health and welfare and reduce the ecological footprint of food production. “Photonics translational research – medical photonics” (Medphot) wants to create a light-based counterpart of a PET scan by making fluorescent markers for diseases and developing the technology needed to detect the small light beams emitted.

NWO’s Perspectief program is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. It challenges scientists to set up new lines of research that have economic and societal impact. They do this in collaboration with industry and civil society organizations.