Strategic digital product management: embrace uncertainty

We need to use the notions of hypotheses and experiments instead of requirements and seek to shorten feedback cycles as much as possible.

With Fouquet, ASML opts for continuity

ASML’s new CEO knows the company and the industry like the back of his hand. His French origins may come in handy if Dutch politicians start hiding behind the dikes.

Ask the headhunter

G.G. asks: After majoring in both computer science and artificial intelligence in London, I received a two-year Post Study Work (PSW) visa, aka the “Graduate Immigration Route.” I’m now halfway and I’ve still not managed to find a job. Here in London, companies seem unwilling to provide sponsorship for a work visa; I have the … Read more

India’s Ampicq has a soft spot for the Netherlands

As integrated photonics takes root across the world, India’s Ampicq maintains strong ties with the Netherlands to support its growth ambitions.

PC wars: will Arm (finally) give x86 a run for its money?

Apple has whetted the appetites of Microsoft and other companies to give Arm another shot in the PC arena.

Strategic digital product management: maximize ROI

There are three main reasons why companies fall into the trap of prioritizing R&D efforts that fail to maximize ROI: customization, technical debt and lack of automation.

Christophe Fouquet takes the reins at ASML

ASML CEO Peter Wennink and CTO Martin van den Brink are stepping down next year. Company veteran Christophe Fouquet will take on both their roles.

Is digitalization effective – and should it be supported?

Digitalization in industry is improving labor productivity, but smaller companies have cold feet.

Knowledge migrants dismissed

Over two million Dutch voters have expressed to refugees, migrant workers and knowledge workers that they’re not welcome in the Netherlands.

Sweden’s Northvolt touts sodium battery for energy storage applications

The energy density of the Swedish battery is similar to that of lithium-ion batteries currently used in energy storage without the need for lithium or other critical metals.