In memoriam

ASML became a success despite and thanks to founder Wim Troost

Wim Troost, who passed away last Friday, fought a fierce battle within Philips to keep the wafer stepper alive. With luck, wisdom and the right support from those around him, it was just enough.

The Dutch National Technology Strategy needs a security update

Public funding strategies need to adapt to an increasingly belligerent world.

NXP chips in for Singapore fab

Looking to diversify their manufacturing base, NXP and Taiwan’s Vanguard International are starting a joint 300mm fab for analog, mixed-signal and power management IC manufacturing.


Fearing hefty machine , the conservative PLC industry is highly reluctant to touch its legacy software.

High-NA EUV tool in Veldhoven will start churning out wafers 24/7

The official opening of the ASML-Imec High NA EUV Lab kicks off the next phase of high-NA development. Data, data, data: that’s what it’s all about now.


Slaying the legacy beast in the PLC realm

Fearing hefty machine downtimes, the conservative PLC industry is highly reluctant to touch its legacy software. Building on Bas Beuting’s master’s thesis, Cordis and Axini have developed a combination of automatic code-to-model transformations and model-based testing that can take away the reservations. Capgemini Engineering is ready to put the integrated solution into practice.

Step by step to a printed TEM

Thermo Fisher Scientific sees a great future for transmission electron microscopes with additive manufacturing. Even the column, the heart of these instruments, can be incrementally transformed. Olivier Rainaut and Olcay Cicekdag talk about their 3D ambitions and their wish to strongly collaborate with the ecosystem.

Top job
10 October 2024

Advantest acquires Salland Engineering and Applicos

Zwolle-based Salland Engineering and Applicos will be wholly owned by the Japanese market leader in chip testing, Advantest.


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ASML eyes common EUV platform and massive throughput increases

Hyper-NA EUV and hyperproductive tools are ASML’s main targets for the upcoming decade.


Roles of major chipmakers reversed in high-NA adoption

Samsung and TSMC were first to take EUV in production, now they may take a backseat to Intel.


“Delving deeper made me a better system architect”

Stefan Rutjes learned the trade of system architect on the job at Demcon. Still, he was looking to deepen his knowledge. That’s why he took the systems architecting course at High Tech Institute.

In memoriam

Paul Havinga (1962-2024), smart sensor pioneer

“If there was ever a scientist who represented the entrepreneurial spirit of the University of Twente, it was Paul.”


A deep dive in C++20

C++ has evolved a lot over time. Software engineers who are still using outdated paradigms of the programming language don’t realize its potential to the fullest. In his “C++ fundamentals” training at High Tech Institute, computer programming enthusiast Kris van Rens introduces C++20, including topics like templates and ranges.