Twente’s chip design wizard Bram Nauta awarded the Stevin Prize

Billions of ICs sold that use his design techniques have earned the University of Twente’s Bram Nauta the highest Dutch honor in applied research.

Ask the headhunter

B.N. asks: About twenty years ago, I started my studies in electrical engineering. In parallel, I did all kinds of projects to broaden my knowledge. The largest of these side activities was developing the electronics and software for a fuel cell racing car. Following my graduation, I became a hardware developer at the company where … Read more

Stacked CMOS marks the end of the roadmap (for now)

Having been ‘horizontal’ neighbors since the advent of CMOS, nFETs and pFETs will eventually be stacked on top of each other.

Protagonist rule #13: Be proud of who you see in the mirror

We should, to the largest extent possible, act by the principles we aspire to follow.

Survive the war for staff with Industry 5.0

Industry 4.0 can help us tackle societal issues, but we need a more human-centric approach, argues Anton Duisterwinkel.

Protagonist rule #12: Always keep exploring

If we keep doing the things we know we like and are good at, we stop growing, developing and self-actualizing.

Micron ban marks Beijing’s first counterpunch

For the first time, the Chinese government is specifically denying a US chip company access to (some of) its markets.

It all starts with humble components

Celebrating his 25th anniversary as a professor of analog circuit design, Bram Nauta reminisces about how his love for electronics started.

Nexperia: “We’re an asset, not a threat”

Nexperia has been caught in the crosshairs lately due to growing Western concerns about China. Wrongfully so, says the chipmaker.

Protagonist rule #11: Give back

It’s not only good for those you help forward, but also incredibly rewarding to see others grow and develop, in part thanks to your help.