Survive the war for staff with Industry 5.0

Industry 4.0 can help us tackle societal issues, but we need a more human-centric approach, argues Anton Duisterwinkel.

Protagonist rule #12: Always keep exploring

If we keep doing the things we know we like and are good at, we stop growing, developing and self-actualizing.

Micron ban marks Beijing’s first counterpunch

For the first time, the Chinese government is specifically denying a US chip company access to (some of) its markets.

It all starts with humble components

Celebrating his 25th anniversary as a professor of analog circuit design, Bram Nauta reminisces about how his love for electronics started.

Nexperia: “We’re an asset, not a threat”

Nexperia has been caught in the crosshairs lately due to growing Western concerns about China. Wrongfully so, says the chipmaker.

Protagonist rule #11: Give back

It’s not only good for those you help forward, but also incredibly rewarding to see others grow and develop, in part thanks to your help.

TUE research takes DNA storage one step forward

Microcapsules provide a protective environment in which ‘DNA files’ can be read without disturbing others.

Protagonist rule #10: Study Stoicism and Buddhism

These life philosophies provide helpful practices to reduce suffering and maximize our self-actualization.

Working efficiently with a standardized language

With new developments, engineers often apply proven designs, with or without minor modifications. So why do they still fail to deliver solutions that customers demand? Usually, communication is the major stumbling block. Eric Burgers explains how SysML helps to successfully communicate design ideas for complex systems.

Does the ivory tower of academia still have an elevator?

Where’s the real-world impact of the grandiose claims being made in high-impact journals, wonders Martijn Heck.